The Lear204 can really only be experienced in person. Our quality, comfort, design, and freedom you must fully live the dream for yourself. For all that wish to just get a glimpse, we have these videos for your viewing pleasure!

Thank You for visiting our dream.

Lear Style

What's so special about a LEAR Electric Boat? It transforms from
spacious to intimate. Charging system and controllers, built with solid
state technology, will not corrode or need replacing.

Lear Rental Fleet

Lear Rental Fleets for corporate event planning.
An enchanting way to entertain your group.

EZ2CY Windows for the Lear204

Revolutionary windows for the revolutionary retractable hardtop:
How the system works and how they are made.

Keiretsu Group Ride

Keiretsu Forum Angel investors enjoy a group outing on the Learboats
during their annual meeting. The Learboat is seen as a shining example
of the great American Entrepreneurial spirit.

More Umph

Video showing our PowerSurge model in action.

More Current

Video showing our PowerSurge model in action.

The Lear Boat

Video showing our boat in pictures, manufacturing, and about our founders.