Lear Baylor, Inc.

Lear Baylor, Inc. was formed in 2005. The "Lear" is entrepreneur Shanda Lear, daughter of inventor, entrepreneur Bill Lear. The "Baylor" is Shanda's husband "Terry Baylor" boat designer, builder, pattern making and tooling for forty years including tooling and design for aerospace, and many private companies.

Few companies can reach a level of excellence that none can surpass. These corporations are home to innovators of highly coveted products and services, and are constantly improving upon their own ideas. Those of such high levels of distinction maintain a standard of excellence for themselves, and continually imagine new products and services that customers desire. A name that has reached that level of superiority is Lear, whose name reflects nothing but positive images in the luxury field. Bill Lear teamed with the best to produce visionary products. His daughter, Shanda, maintaining the prestige of her LEAR name, teamed with the best to bring this visionary product to market. Lear Baylor, Inc. is a team of great caliber and, as to be expected, the new LEAR 204 electric boat surpasses all expectations. The LEAR 204 has redefined the product category of electric boating.

Worldwide Headquarters

2530 West Coast Hwy.
Newport Beach, California 92663

Phone: 949-722-7757
Email: info@learboats.com
Website: Lear-Electric-Boats.com